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Primary Care and Acute Care


Acne is very common. Teenagers and young adults are more likely to suffer from acne but many adults are impacted, too. Changes in hormone levels, pregnancy, stress, certain medications and cosmetics can cause acne. We can recommend the right combination of remedies including over-the-counter products and medication to help you get the best results.

Primary Care and Acute Care

Allergy Symptoms

Itchy eyes, runny nose and lots of sneezes? You could be suffering from seasonal allergies. We can recommend the right over-the-counter medications and write prescriptions when medically appropriate. All to get you on your way to feeling better.

Primary Care and Acute Care


Anemia results from a lack of red blood cells or dysfunctional red blood cells in the body. This leads to reduced oxygen flow to the body's organs.rnrnSymptoms may include fatigue, skin pallor, shortness of breath, lightheadness, dizziness, or a fast heartbeat.rn

Primary Care and Acute Care


We can manage your rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis symptoms, so you can continue to enjoy life without pain holding you back.

Primary Care and Acute Care


Asthma is a chronic (life-long) disease that affects a person's lungs & airways. It causes episodes of wheezing, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and coughing that is often worse at night or in the mornings. Treatment depends on the severity of symptoms.

Primary Care and Acute Care

Birth Control Care

Birth control counseling is an important part of women's health. If you want to start or change your birth control, our practitioners can help you understand the options that may be right for you. Birth control options available include pills, condoms, injections, vaginal rings and patches.

Primary Care and Acute Care

Bronchitis and Coughs

Whether it's dry or wet and productive, coughing can be annoying and tiring. Sometimes a cough can be a sign of bronchitis, croup, upper respiratory infection or pneumonia. We can evaluate your symptoms and provide a treatment plan which may include over-the-counter or prescription medications if needed.

Primary Care and Acute Care

Bug Bites and Stings

Bee, wasp and hornet stings, spider bites, jelly fish stings - yikes! Our practitioners can help when you have a painful bite. Reactions can range from mild to severe and multiple stings can be serious, especially in children. We can provide a proper assessment, clean the site of the sting to prevent infection and recommend the proper treatment plan to deal with itching and swelling.

Primary Care and Acute Care

Cholesterol Screening

1 in 6 adult Americans have high cholesterol and don't know it. High cholesterol does not usually display symptoms, and it is a risk factor that can increase your chance of developing or suffering complications from serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke. A screening can help identify if you have high cholesterol and our practitioners can provide recommendations if you do.

Primary Care and Acute Care


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects the lower respiratory tract, causing symptoms such as wheezing, cough, sputum production, and shortness of breath. Chronic lower respiratory diseases are the third leading cause of death in the United States.

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