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Who is Made Well Again?

Our goal is to get you back on the road to good health by giving you the best possible medical care. Our goal is to encourage you to actively participate in all aspects of your care; keeping you well and educating you to become truly healthy, and so we chose this name “Made Whole” "Made Well Again". We are looking at the whole aspect of your health: what to eat, drink, and what to do physically to improve your outcome and lifestyle. We even have a Health Coach on staff for a free onetime consult. We are about keeping you away from us! We want you to be so healthy you will see us for progressive wellness, not illness.

You see, we got tired of doing what an insurance company or big entity told us: how much time we can spend with you or what survey or questions we are required to ask you. Time with you yields education and answered questions to improve your personalized care. A survey does not improve your health. By giving you exceptional care for your healthcare needs and taking time to help educate you, we offer change and improve the outcome of life. We are a service fee entity so that no insurance company can tell us how to treat you.

We treat you like family!

It seems that medical insurance is getting more expensive by the minute. Businesses that once were able to provide healthcare for their employees, just can no longer afford it. If business can, the once affordable deductibles have skyrocketed and now it seems so much comes out of the employees pocket that they might as well pay cash, AND DOING THAT IS CHEAPER!

This is where Made Well Again (also known as Made Whole Telehealth & Concierge Services, LLC) comes in. As a family nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience, I have seen medical care at it’s high and now at it’s low. I have poured my life into this medical industry and now the insurances are tying our hands, increasing the costs of medical care daily.

Made Well Again will take out the middleman (the insurance) and will do an affordable telehealth Membership Plan (aka My Family Plan) for Small businesses and individuals. This way each member can have affordable discounted fee for service, primary care, acute care, prescriptions, labs, referrals and x-rays or other testing. As our family needs grow, we will grow with it, expanding services as we go. If we do not have a discounted service you need, we have resources for different services at affordable prices.

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